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"Do we need the other or can we go it alone? The longing for intimacy and connectedness is the basis of being human. Yet our relationships have changed. We strive for independence, personal growth seems to have taken over as our main goal, and many would argue that we live in an egocentric society. We have enough trouble sorting out our own lives so how much space is there for the other?

In collaboration with The Life Fair at Het Nieuwe Instituut, this dilemma-evening looks at the other in our beds and in our hearts. An inquiry into our modern way of being with each other, sex, and of course the ultimate relationship: romantic love." For more information, check the Felix in de Steigers website

20:00 – 22:00

Felix in de Steigers
Keizersgracht 324
1016 EZ Amsterdam


Standard€ 12,50

Agata Jaworska, Giovanni Innella
Claus Wiersma
Kévin Bray, Thomas Buxó
Ina Hollmann
Eliza Mante, Hongjie Yang, Rana Ghavami

This project is part of the programme track Annual themes and the folder Olympic Games.